Global MicroGrid Technologies devotes to specializing in engineering management and strict construction quality control. To fulfill various requirements from customers, we set up professional teams in design, construction and supervision. We have the most experienced solar system integrator professionals in the region. Besides design and installation, we also operate and maintain power stations. Owing to our efforts of our professional teams, in recent years, we are able to quickly accumulate project orders in various countries with the following advantages:

  • Usage of durable and reliable equipment, material, and construction method to ensure our renewable power stations operates for 20 years and longer.

  • Professional operation and maintenance team expertise mechanism and mode to provide 20 years of worry-free operation

Advance Asset Management

  • Full visibility of system’s performance

    Full visibility into your assets through module-level monitoring – free for system lifetime

    Automatic alerts on system issues, pinpointed on a virtual site map

  • For system lifetime

    Automatic performance reports

    Remote troubleshooting and enhanced maintenance capabilities

  • Future compatibility and warranty

    Any panel model can be used for future replacement & extension

  • Anytime, anywhere

    Complete system status on mobile device (iOS or Android)

Maintenance Methods

Regular inspection - personnel are dispatched to site for inspections regularly

Spontaneous Maintenance - when monitoring system detects and display fault messages, personnel are dispatched to site for recovery actions

Troubleshooting - once an error or poor power generation performance are detected, personnel are dispatched to site for recovery actions within 2 working days.

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Green Energy Production


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